Vacation …… is almost over!!!!

August 8, 2006 at 9:18 pm (Uncategorized)

Damn it i just hate it when summer gets shorter and shorter. But this has to be the shortest of them all!! But it was really fun. This Summer a lot of things happened. My family had a french teenager stay with us for a month and while she was here we went to Santa Cruz and Gray Eagle, which is near Truckee, which is near or in Tahoe. Then she left and we, well, lets see, where did we go? Hmmmm, i think we went to Michigan after that but there might have been something inbetween. But anyway, every year we gio to Michigan, in the Lower Paninsula, but in the Northern part of it, like 4 hours away from Detroit in a tiny town with only one store called GOODHART. i love GoodHart and wish i could live there forever, although i bet i would probably freeze cuz it gets really cold. We own propertty right on lake Michigan, but we dont have a house on it so we stay with my aunt, other aunt and uncle and cuzin, who have property right across the street. I LOVE it there!!!i just recently, like 4 days ago, got back and its been so boring not being able to just get up and go swimming and eat candy and ice cream and walk to the General store up the road. Also its so GREEN there. In petealuma it rains a lot in the winter, but then after 3 days of no rain it gets brown. but its never brown there!!! well, this entry was pretty lame, but i couldnt think of anything else to write so, yea. O yea, also im really nervous for Junior High, thats waht is making this sumnmer so short!!!!! Good luck if your going there. i heard its like prison. Guilty until proven innocent.


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Wierd Stuff

July 10, 2006 at 12:02 am (Uncategorized)

I have a lot of wierd words, or sayings, like Lurve, and i just wanted to tell them and explain them to whoever is reading this demented blog. First there is Lurve, which you should probably already know about. But if you dont, ill tell ya anyways. Lurve is my saying for a friend that i like or love, but only as a friend, nothing more then a best friend, got it?

HiLo is like Hello but without the Hell part and Hi instead. Hylo    Hiylo. what do u think of those?? like hi, hey and hello mixed. which one do you like better?? tell me on comments!!

I also have sayings that are really stupid, but fun to say. “Like Drink Coke….. its beef soda.” (which actually my friend Lijah thought of beef soda, so it used to be its bad for you, but i changed it) and theres the one for all people afraid of clowns: ” I’m not scary, just a little drunk” and the one on my shirt “happy Fun Clown….. i sleep in my van” and theres ” HiLo there Peoples” and so on……….

They are all quite strange but fun to me, maybe not to you

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The World Cup

July 9, 2006 at 11:45 pm (Uncategorized)

today was the finals for the FIFA WORLD CUP!!!! it was so fun to watch, but i really wanted France to win. France clearly was the better team. I mean, they have come so far, and they had control 8/9 of the time and had way more trys on goal and they were just BETTER (well, at least i thought so) ANd they probably would have won if it hadnt been for Zenadin Zidane (is that how u spell his first name?) He was so amazing most of the game. It was his last game cuz he was retiring and he really played amazingly (believe me, i can tell amazing when i see it, ive been around soccer my whole life) But then out of no where on the second overtime, he and an Italian were talking and he jogs ahead and turns around and the Italian walks up to him and he head buts him… yes, you read this right… HEAD BUTT!!!!! i couldnt believe it. How, him being a captain and all, risk everything for this?! it was so unclassy and so unlike him. Everyone was shocked. So then the Ref says he cant do anything cuz no other ref saw it, and the rules are its only a foul if a ref sees it live, (it cant be a replay on t.v.) So they’re about to keep playing when the sideline ref sees a replay on the tv and changes his mind. He lies and says he DID see it, just cuz he thought it was so harsh. Even though that was cheating on the refs part, Zidane deserved it, but the rest of his team DID NOT! So he is walked off the field and into the locker and he doesnt even get to come out for his second place medal. How amazing is  that!?! So then there were P.K.’s and if Zidane had been there France woulda won, just cuz he’s the greatest But he wasnt there…… so they lost. If they hadnt taken Thierry Henry out earlier cuz he was so tired…. then they also might have won… but once your subbed out, you cant come back in cuz there are only three subs in a game. So the lost. Italy won. They were happy. France and i was sad. End of story.

I do have a theory of why Zidane was mad at the Italian dude. It showed them walking and talking together, and it looked a little like a tiff, so then Zidane started to jog away so he wouldnt have to deal with the arguing Italian, but then it looked like he yelled omething after zidane, and he just turned around., waited for Italy dude to catch up, and WAM!!!! right in the chest. Bye bye Zidane. too bad

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Up high on my infi……. your probably wondering why

July 8, 2006 at 9:28 pm (Uncategorized)

My title is Uphigh on my Infi and other crazy sh** going on in my head, and your probably wondering why i chose that. Well, In 6th grade, my class was looking for a name for our class paper, cuz we were making a class paper. the year before it had been Down low on the Info, and as a joke, Lijah and i (well, actually mostly lijah, but he told it to me) thought of Up High on the infi. But our stupid student teacher never let us choose the name and she just thought of a stupid one. So in honor of Up high, and also so i wouldnt forget it, i named my blog title that. Also, when i got my blog and started writing in it, i was very crazy and writing A LOT. so that contributes to the craazy part. Bye

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Pirates of the Carribean 2, Dead man’s chest… wasnt fantastic

July 8, 2006 at 7:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Pirates….. pirates pirates pirates. what can i say about pirates of the carribean 2. well, actually, i can say A LOT, just like i did on my last little entry thing, so i better get started. here it goes. As you probably already know, or maybe you dont, but i am NOT filling you in cuz that would take forever! so you beter read the first entry if u wanna know whats going on in my head! So, here is what i wrote on dans blog which got me started :

  • 3. Amalya  |  July 8th, 2006 at 3:47 am

    well, sorry Daniel, not to be mean, but i dont totally aggree with you. i JUST saw it and it wasnt all that great. i mean i hate Elizabeth now, and the story isnt all that great. First one was WAY, and i mean WWWAWAAAAAAYYYYYYY better. Also, i think that the third (yes, they ARE making a third one) and the second will be more connected to each other, cuz the first one kinda ended, like they didnt have to make another one at all, but this one didnt. But you know me… i’ll always love Johnny Depp, except for the fact that he STOLE elizabeth from Will!!! not that i like will better, but hes a better match w/ lizzie and jack gets everything. also, why would lizzie even like himn for saving his own ass by tricking will!!! sorrythis is so long, but its fun to just say what you think. ya know, EXPRESS yourself. lol. i think i should just get my own damn bblog!! you know whwawt… i think i will!!! ta ta for now!!!!

So this is my very long continuation on pirates 2…………… Elizzabeth A.K.A Lizzie made me very mad because she keeps changing her mind about hoo she loves! She is a perfect match with will but she just had to fall for Jack! I mean make up your mind woman! Jeez! First she starts with will, but then he wont call her elizabeth , only ms swan, so she gets mad and decides to marry commodore Norington (who is very cute in the second movie cuz he has a beard, no white hear, long hair, an accent, cute voice, well you get the picture) but then she leaves him for Will and then they almost get married but its delatyedd cuz u no why and as shes saving will she falls for damn Jack and the compass that points to what your heart desires points to Jack!!! i mean COME ON!!!!  but i guess since she is like THE only girl in the movie, along with the blue teeth witch, i guess she has to fall in love with someone new each time. But Jack??? i mean come on really????? he put will on the duchman to save his own god damn ass!!! but it is only a movie and the script IS written for them, so they could be complaining just like i am. ya know?? ah well.  Also, the story line isnt fantstic and isnt as funny. why did jack die?? to sve everyobne else?? so not like him. third one will be terrible!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like lizzie anymore. She killed jack and cheated on will, who risked his life just to save her. way to pay him back lizzie!!!!!!!!

Sorry if you havent seen the movie……….

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How i started…. dun dun dunnnnnn

July 8, 2006 at 4:15 am (Uncategorized)

ok, so a while ago when almost everyone in my class got ablog, well actually not evryone, only like two people, but thats ok. So anyway, a while ago i started a blog, i got my name picked out ( Amokingslaw, which is very strange but it just kinda sounded interesting so i choseit. it just popped in my head. i have a very wierd head) So anyway. it didnt work. So today i was writing a comment on Daniels blog about pirates 2 and i just kept writing and writing…… and writing so Josie, who is my really terrible friend that i hate a lot… ooops shes write here!! lol. just joking i lurve her! ( which is my strange word for love as a friend. Lurve. Lurve. just say it a bunch and it sounds cool.) sorry i get carried away. So anyway, i was writing a comment and jo told me to start a blog. So i told her i already tried to get one but it didnt work cuz i didnt have an email, so she said that i could just use her email, that she doesnt use often, so i said ok lets dop that, and she got it all set up for me. Now do you know why its called other crazy “shit” going on in my head. well, i might change the title, but originally it was called ” up high on my infi… and other crazy sh** going on in my head”. Though I might not change the title so nevermind. But if i do change it you now know whats going on in my crazy head. so, bye. hope this wasnt to crazy for you people out there reading this out there, from in here.

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